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We fight for your constitutional and civil rights

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Here at Prisoners Defense Alliance Inc. Prisoners are not just incarcerated individuals but also everyday citizen who are racially charged and economically enslaved by unjust policies of Private Entities, Corporate America and the US Government

Thus we provide legal services and advocacy in areas of constitutional and civil rights actions, in addition to criminal law and monetary damages of civil law. We assist in various legal services, including but not limited to, legal document preparation and filings in addition to attorney in fact services (POA).

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Criminal Injustices

We Fight Against Constitutional Rights Violations

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Economic Slavery

We Fight Against Economic Injustice From Corporate Entities

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Civil Rights

We Advocate To Remedy Civil Rights Violations

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Leadership Accountability

We Fight Against Abuse Of Power Under Color Of Law

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Attorney In Fact

We provide Power of Attorney Service

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Legal Document Prep

We provide legal documents for court filings, IE lawsuits, affidavits and motions

About Us

  • We hold the vision to see governing officials and trusted leadership to be civilly held accountable for constitutional and civil rights violations as they serve in their official capacities under the premise of stopping crime.

  • We envision a day where officials can no longer covertly commit crime as legal means to stop crime.

  • We envision a day where our trusted officials are no longer above the law but under law and accountable to the law.

  • We envision a day where the people of this land are no longer prisoners of the land but rather partakers of the land in which they have a hand in building.

  • We envision a day where people are no longer a commodity for government gain but a commodity for the economic legacy of humans at large.

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